Your support directly impacts the lives of our veterans and the dogs that we rescue — together we can give both the chance at a better life.

  • $25 buys a dog collar and a leash
  • $50 pays 6 months of heartworm preventative 
  • $100 pays 6 months of flea & tick preventative 
  • $250 transports a rescue dog to our facility
  • $300 pays the shelter fee to rescue a dog
  • $550 pays for one custom mobility support harness
  • $1000 covers follow-up training and support in a veteran’s home
  • $1500 pays all veterinary care, including pharmaceuticals, for one year for one dog
  • $2000 pays for all equipment: specialty brace, mobility support harnesses, vests, bed, leashes and collars for one dog
  • $3000 covers ALL expenses for a veteran to attend graduation AND 3 days of dog/veteran training
  • $5000 funds our Veteran Outreach Program for one year
  • $25,000 trains a service dog and includes donor naming rights