We’re honored that you’ve chosen Dogs For Our Brave (DFOB) to potentially provide your future friend, partner, helper and dog. Our mission is to provide service/companion dogs at no cost to service members who have suffered catastrophic injuries such as loss of limbs while in service to our country. In order to do so without adding a financial burden, our goal is to provide professionally trained service dogs, dog food and veterinary care wherever possible.  We are not affiliated with ADI (although we do following ADI’s guidelines pertaining to training and access), and we are a 501(c)3. We’re looking forward to assisting you throughout your service dog journey, both now, in the beginning and later, when you’ve received your partner.

As a service member, your ability to successfully function in daily life is of utmost importance to us. There are two ways to apply for our program. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM to tell us about yourself, and follow the instructions on the form for submission by mail.

Or, use the online submission form below. You will need to complete this form in its entirety, answering all questions for the person wishing to partner with a service dog. Once you hit SUBMIT, your application will be electronically submitted to our Intake Coordinator for review.

Once your application is submitted either by mail or electronically, DFOB will review it in its entirety. We may contact you for more information, clarification, or to request additional documentation or supporting materials. We reserve the right to require documentation, supporting materials and references beyond what is requested in this Submission Form.

  • Online Enrollment Application

  • Applicants will be notified if selected. Please check our website for selection updates during each open enrollment. During each open enrollment, we will choose a designated runner up. You must confirm acceptance within 72 hours of being notified. At the 72-hour mark, the spot will be filled by the already appointed runner(s) up. If runners up are not used for the designated class, they will automatically be first in line for the following class. We anticipate the class size to be 6–8 veterans, however, there are no guarantees. After confirmation, the selection and training of your future partner can begin. Within 90 days of signing the pre-placement contract, we need the following supporting materials:

    1. Photos of all assistive devices used day to day (wheelchair, braces, stick crutches, pulley systems, etc.).
    2. You will need to provide pictures of all medical equipment.
    3. You will need to provide pictures of house and yard and a detailed layout.
    4. You will need to provide vet records for all animals currently living in the home.

    Within six months of signing the pre-placement Terms of Use Agreement, all dogs currently living in the home must have obtained their Canine Good Citizen certification. Copies of the CGC certificates must be on file before your service dog can be placed. This is not optional. There are two options concerning placing your future partner: You will be required to travel to us for the five day training course and graduation. If for some reason you are unable to travel, we will require supporting documentation from your physician and we can travel to you for a 7 to 10 day training course. Our training course (Public Integration Training and Access, or PITA) teaches you and your canine partner how to communicate, bond and function as a team, both in public and at home. If needed, Dogs For Our Brave will cover your travel and lodging expenses. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! If you’re not certain how to answer a specific question on this application or you need additional guidance, please contact us. The easiest way to reach us is via email at info@dogsforourbrave.com. For ideas on tasks, please see the IAADP’s Service Dog Task List. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and assisting you in any way that we can. In the meantime, take a deep breath. You’re well on your way to obtaining a life-changing friend, family member, lifeline and partner.

  • At the end of this application, there will be an opportunity to upload copies of the following items:

    1. A letter of support from your primary care physician. This letter must detail general aspects of your disability and how your physician believes a service dog would be of benefit to you. This letter is required before your application can be considered “complete.”
    2. A letter of support from at least one specialist on your treatment team. This letter will vary for each client. This letter must detail specific aspects of your disability and how your specialist believes a service dog would be of benefit to you. This letter is required before your application can be considered “complete.” The more letters of support an application includes, the better.
    3. An additional letter of support. This letter may come from your spouse, a friend or your therapist. This letter must include contact information for the person who wrote it, including a phone number, address and email address, detail your relationship to them, explain why they believe a service dog would be beneficial and express their support. This letter is required.
    4. A picture of you and your family, including household pets. Multiple pictures are acceptable.

    If you do not have these letters immediately available, you may mail them separately to:

    Dogs For Our Brave
    ATTN: Intake Coordinator
    PO Box 430011
    St. Louis, MO 63143

    Your application will not be reviewed until these letters are received, so please mail them as soon as possible.

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  • If you're applying for someone under your guardianship, please complete the following information for both yourself and your partner, if applicable.


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  • Please provide the following information about all pets (including birds, small animals, horses and outdoor/working animals) living in/around the home. If you have a group of animals that live together, such as cattle, fish, chickens or a flock of outdoor birds, you do not have to list each individually; simply note the type of animal and how many. All dogs, cats, small animals and other indoor pets must be listed individually, regardless of species.


  • If you answered "yes" to Seizures, please provide more detail. What kind of seizures? How long do they typically last? Do you know a seizure is coming? If so, how? Are you on medications for your seizures? What medications? Are your seizures life-threatening?

  • What are three things you would change about your day-to-day life as it relates to your disability?

  • What are your three biggest fears day-to-day now, without a service dog?


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  • Please walk us through a normal day in your life...

  • What does a normal week look like?
    Tell us about regularly scheduled activities, appointments and happenings.







    PITA is the orientation, training session and process by which you will be trained to work, communicate with and function with your new partner. You will learn to function with your service dog as a team in public, at home, at work and at school, as well as all other venues in which you regularly participate.


    On the final day of your PITA session, you and your new partner and the Dogs For Our Brave staff member will travel to the closest mall in order to complete your Public Access Test. This is the actual certifying standard used by DFOB to determine if a team is truly ready to function in the field as a fully certified service dog team. This test must be passed before your dog can be certified and granted public access.

    Your test will be filmed in its entirety for legal and logistical reasons. You will be provided with two complementary DVDs of your Public Access Test. Upon passing the test, you will be presented with two ID cards, a certificate and a life-long, forever friend.

    The newly formed service dog team must re-certify annually for the first three (3) years it's functioning in the field. Recertification will be available in designated cities determined by DFOB. If you are unable to travel, alternate plans will need to be considered.


    Please upload the letters and photos requested at the beginning of this form using the links below, or mail copies to:

    ATTN: Intake Coordinator
    PO Box 430011
    St. Louis, MO 53143


    Congratulations! You've finished the hard, grueling, time consuming part of our application. Just a few more easy questions and you'll be pressing SUBMIT and sending your application to us!

    If you receive a Dogs For Our Brave Service Dog, you need to understand that all of the following terms will apply. Please check your compliance beside each term.

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