We’re honored that you’ve chosen Dogs For Our Brave (DFOB) to potentially provide your future friend, partner, helper and dog. Our mission is to provide service/companion dogs at no cost to service members who have suffered catastrophic injuries such as loss of limbs while in service to our country. In order to do so without adding a financial burden, our goal is to provide professionally trained service dogs, dog food and veterinary care wherever possible. We are not affiliated with ADI (although we do follow ADI’s guidelines pertaining to training and access), and we are a 501(c)3. We’re looking forward to assisting you throughout your service dog journey, both now in the beginning, and later when you’ve received your partner.

As a service member, your ability to successfully function in daily life is of utmost importance to us. This is a process, and we want to set everyone up for success. Please complete the Introduction Form below to begin the process. We do train our dogs to work specifically for the veteran partner we think will be a good match, this will require us knowing your story and health history in depth.  We cannot place service dogs in a household that currently has a companion dog.

Once your Introduction Form is received, DFOB will review it in its entirety. While you wait for your scheduled interview please email a copy of your DD214 form that includes line 24 character of service.  You can email the form to christina@dogsforourbrave.com.  If you do not have a copy of your DD214, you may request a copy online: www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/.  

The next step will be to schedule you for a phone interview so we can learn more about you and your needs. Please be aware that we will require references from doctors, family, and friends/colleagues later in the process. We reserve the right to require documentation, supporting materials and references beyond what is requested in this Introduction Form. All medical information will remain confidential, and we are HIPAA compliant.

As you explore our website and social media platforms you will see the stories of our current dog/veteran partners. Once partnered we do reserve the right to share your story. You may be asked to give quotes on how your dog has changed your life, be featured in videos, and attend fundraisers (expenses paid by DFOB). We understand that it can be tough to be in front of a group of strangers, and we will make sure that your supporting efforts are comfortable for you. Sharing your story will not only help us raise needed funds, but also help us reach out to more of your brothers and sisters that need to be a part of our DFOB family.

Please understand that we cannot place a service dog in a home that has a companion pet dog. You must have been injured while in service to be accepted into the program. We will ask you to share your story of service and your injury/injuries. The process of training a service dog can take up to 18 months, and we want to make sure the dogs we commission know all the needed commands and special tasks for their particular veteran match.