After a motorcycle accident left United States Air Force SSgt Tiana Lopez as a high leg amputee with hand control issues, she found that day to day errands like grocery shopping or heading to the airport were more than complicated. Before her injury, Tiana served in the Air Force tirelessly for seven years as a Crew Chief on C17s with an AFSC specialty. The pain and irritation of her prosthesis make it difficult for continual wear, so Tiana is often wheelchair-bound which makes carrying extra items while navigating her chair next to impossible.
As a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Tiana worked with Physical Therapist Kelly Roseberry. This interaction lead her to Bravo and changed her life forever. Kelly’s husband, Chris Roseberry, is a wounded veteran who received Gabby as a service dog from Dogs For Our Brave, Inc. in 2015. Kelly shared the news of our organization with Tiana and shortly after this Tiana’s partnership with Bravo was born!
In the month and a half that Tiana and Bravo have been together, her confidence in daily errands and her full-time work as a competitive athlete have drastically improved. As her “Battle Buddy” for life, Bravo accompanies Tiana everywhere, and the Dogs For Our Brave, Inc. family is available to assist them with continued support throughout their new journey together.
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