If you need a highly trained professional snuggle buddy, Allie is your girl! She was rescued from an Illinois farm with her sister, Holly, when they were about two years old. Their original owner abandoned them due to a domestic dispute, and never returned. Luckily, a neighbor noticed the dogs, took them in and contacted Trainer Paul. He took a road trip to meet them and the rest is history.

Allie does not possess the same skill sets as some of the other dogs in training, but what she does, she does very well. Allie’s strengths lie in emotional support, although she can pull a wheelchair better than most service dogs. Where she lacks in technical training, she makes up for in therapy skills. Allie can get help from a stranger if her handler is in need, wake you up from a nightmare, interrupt your anxiety and depression, and has a perfect temperament for relaxing in public. We love this girl!